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Release 0.7.0


  • Support using apis to manage training or serving jobs(arena-go-sdk)
  • Support getting gpu metrics from Alibaba Cloud ARMS Prometheus
  • Support getting node gpu metrics
  • Command of "arena get" supports "-g" option
  • Support the arena daemon mode, reduce the api-server pressure, arena can listen k8s objects in this mode
  • Command of "arena logs" supports "-c" to specify container
  • Support to attach a job container and execute some commands("arena attach")
  • Command of "arena top node" supports "-r" option


  • Refact the code
  • Change the output of "arena top node" command
  • Change the output of "arena list" command
  • Change the output of "arena get" command
  • Change the output of "arena serve get" command
  • Change the output of "arena serve list" command
  • Change the go version of building arena(includes CI) to 1.14.10
  • Optimize the elastic training job
  • Update the client-go to v1.16.9


  • Fix the bug when use "arena serve delete" to delete multiple serving jobs.


  • the option "-s" of "arena top node" has been deprecated, replace it with "arena top node -m s"