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Release 0.9.0


  • Fix the bug arena update serving with specified kubeconfig.
  • Fix the bug evaluatejob status not return.
  • Fix the bug not set default shell type in arena client.
  • Fix the bug of install arena when kubedl-operator existed.
  • Fix the bug of mpi-operator crash.


  • Add command 'arena model' to support model profile/benchmark/optimize/evaluate before deploy.
  • Mark 'arena evaluate' as deprecated as it has merged to 'arena model evaluate'.
  • Upgrade git-sync image version to support git token.
  • Upgrade arena java sdk to the latest version.
  • Support execute shell with custom shell type like sh or bash.
  • Support --clean-task-policy for mpijiob.
  • Add arena-artifacts to adapt k8s 1.22.
  • Support prometheus url token.
  • Upgrade the helm version to v3.7.2 and kube client version to v1.23.0.