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Adopters Of Arena

Below are the adopters of project Arena. If you are using Arena to improve efficiency and productivity in Machine Learning with Kubernetes, please feel free to add yourself into the following list by a pull request. There're several phases as follow:

  • Evaluation: Known Arena, that's interesting; evaluating the features/scopes of Arena
  • Testing: Take Arena as one of candidates, testing Kubernetes cluster with Arena
  • Staging: Decide to use Arena, testing it in pre-product environment
  • Production: Already put Arena into product environment
Organization Contact Phases Description of Use
Weibo @phoenixwu0229 Production Weibo ML Platform
HUYA @BobLiu20 Production HUYA AI Platform
Microsoft @chaowangnk1 Testing AzureML DataCache internal benchmark system
Unisound @xieydd Production Unisound ATLAS AI Platform
DOUYU @gongcan1219 Production DOUYU AI Platform
NJU PASA Lab @iluoeli Testing ML Platform
Alluxio @apc999 Testing Performance Testing on Alluxio